August 14, 2016 in Blog

2016 and BEYOND!

Woah, have I really not updated this ‘blog’ since last year?? Yikes… Well if you follow me on social media outlets – Twitter, Facebook, etc. – you know that for much of this year, I was in EUROPE! Ok technically, I was playing piano and singing on a Holland America Line cruise ship that toured

August 1, 2015 in Blog

Summer and fall and tour, oh my!!

This summer has been CRAZY!! I’m trying to calculate the number of bands I’ve juggled this summer – Jenn Bostic, Maggie Rose, Love and Theft, Amanda Daughtry… my brain has BARELY been able to sleep, let alone take care of my new kitty. (I am officially a cat lady, er uh, owner!) But it’s been

January 20, 2015 in Blog

Welcome to 2015

Happy New Year! Wanna know how I’ve spent the new year thus far?? With a sore throat. And pink eye, for God’s sake!! Professionally the year has started off slow-as-snails for me, but I suppose I can be thankful because I’d feel sorry for whoever hired me to sing backup for them at this time. As

September 14, 2014 in Blog

Solo Tour

I’m doing it.. For the first time, I’m going on my own tour. Just me, and the piano. I’m starting out small – but not really. I’ll only be on the road constantly from October 6th-October 19th, but I’m going to be hitting cities that are new to me, like Chicago and Madison. Truth be

June 18, 2014 in Blog

My friends play with Roy Orbison

One of my favorite parts of my record “Love Ourselves” is the string section on the song “I Wanna Be Loved”. I envisioned this song as a big Beatles-esque production, and wrote the parts for what I thought came closest to that vision. My lovely lady friends Sarah Wilfong and Kristin Weber were the violin

March 30, 2014 in Blog

2014 thus far…

Well!! It seems the last post on was about the store opening up. Shirts with my face on them are for SALE!! As is the record “Love Ourselves”, and right about now marks its 1 year anniversary of completion! Exactly 1 year ago we put on the CD release show at 12th Porter in

April 12, 2013 in Blog

CD Release show

              WOW. The CD Release show was a great success.  People even drove from  Michigan to be there!!  I’ve received nothing but awesome compliments about the band, the songs, etc. And I’ve had a request to play more keytar… My assignment to myself is to write more songs that

March 5, 2013 in Blog

March 12th with David Petrelli

As I write this post, I’m taking a break from practicing Aerosmith’s “Dream On” on piano.  Imagine that… two pianos and singers are going to be performing this next week in Nashville at The Listening Room Café.  I’m proud of the new genre I’ve coined “Outlaw Pop”, which I think this upcoming show is absolutely