August 6, 2017 in General Notices

OH, PA and VA live performances!

Here are some upcoming tour dates for mid to late August!

August 14, 2016 in Blog

2016 and BEYOND!

Woah, have I really not updated this ‘blog’ since last year?? Yikes…

Well if you follow me on social media outlets – Twitter, Facebook, etc. – you know that for much of this year, I was in EUROPE! Ok technically, I was playing piano and singing on a Holland America Line cruise ship that toured AROUND Europe. I was debuting the new Billboard Onboard venue, a non-traditional dueling piano venue celebrating 50+ years of Billboard charts, on Holland America Line’s newest vessel, the Koningsdam!!  It was an incredible experience, and I visited so many countries (Turkey, Germany,  Sweden, Italy, even RUSSIA!) that I never dreamed I’d ever set foot in. I also spent around 90 nights performing with my piano partner, Anderson, for some of the most grateful audiences, which was one of the most rewarding parts of the experience.  So rewarding, we’re planning on going out on a different ship in 2017 to do the same gig. If you’re a cruiser.. look for us early next year on the Oosterdam!! (The Oosterdam is one of Holland America’s ships.)

So that took up a little over 3 months of 2016. What’s happened in the other say, 5?? Well, I’m working on completing… the NEW ALBUM. Yes, it’s slated for a November 1st release.  It’s untitled as of yet – I’m trying to find common themes in the songs, as I did with the songs on “Love Ourselves”, my first EP. So title is TBA!

Since I’ve been back in the USA, I’ve played some solo shows, and feverishly worked on string trio arrangements for songs on my new album. I went into the studio last week with my violin-playing friends Sarah Wilfong and Kristin Weber, who are wonderful people and players and just happened to be a part of the reissue of Roy Orbison’s  “Mystery Girl” that came out in the last couple years. Needless to say.. they sounded wonderful, and my new EP will be all the more luscious because of them.

There – now we’re all PLENTY updated! Oh wait, one more thing..

Other than some solo dates this fall, I’ll be touring with Canadian country singer Victoria Banks on her American acoustic tour. Victoria has had her songs recorded by Sara Evans, Mickey Guyton, and MORE. Visit to see if we’ll be coming to a venue near you.

Alright THAT’S a complete blog entry. ‘Til the next update…



November 7, 2015 in General Notices

KickSTOPPER and IndieGoGo

Hello all,
So it’s been a pretty crazy fall. I am LITERALLY falling into winter, there is so much going on…
Fall Tour 2015 was a serious success – from the Springfield Country Club in Alexandria, VA to the Rockwood in NYC, playing for all of you who came out to the shows was so satisfying. Thank you thank you thank you.

For those of you know who don’t follow me on social media (Facebook, Twitter, EVERYWHERE ELSE), here’s the latest with the new record:
I decided to CANCEL the Kickstarter. Yes, it’s officially been – KickSTOPPED! I ended up mis-budgeting things a bit, and with 24 hours to go I didn’t see the remaining $3000 being contributed in order to full fund the Kickstarter. I felt disappointed, mostly a little embarrassed – and my co-producer and friend Jim Reilley helped me to reboot with cat-like instincts. (I am a crazy cat person, after all.)

ENTER INDIEGOGO. I know, I know, another crowd fund-er. But here’s the thing – SO MANY people wanted to help fund the new record that it seemed a shame to just let all those pledges go to waste. So with IndieGoGo, the financial goal is a little more reasonable, and my favorite part is this – THE GOAL DOESN’T HAVE TO BE REACHED FOR ME TO RECEIVE ALL THE PLEDGES. So there’s no pressure, no constant hounding. All the rewards are the same – posters, new t-shirt, house concerts, SWAG.

Here’s the link to join the campaign, along with promotional video.




And THEN….

Click on over to AmplifierTV to listen to my solo performance of my tune “I’m A Ghost”. Why, you ask??

Guitar Center is sponsoring a contest for the next Great American Singer-Songwriter. Is it me?? Well I hope so!!

Here’s the link to show your support:

Click click click click click click click click click!

Thanks y’all, happy fall. (What a poet I am.)



October 9, 2015 in General Notices

New album, new KICKSTARTER!!!

The time has come…

To start working on a new album!!

Working with Kickstarter for my first record was such a success that I’ve decided to team up once more for my new one. This record is gonna be a departure from my previous.. and it’s gonna be COOL.  By contributing to the Kickstarter, you not only pre-order the new record, but get access to exclusives such as t-shirts, posters, house concerts, personalized cover videos, read-to-be-developed cameras that have captured making the record and my Fall Tour 2015, and more.

Watch the campaign video, then click the ‘K’ in the upper left corner to join in on the action.  Take this next step with me! SUPPORT NEW MUSIC.

August 1, 2015 in Blog

Summer and fall and tour, oh my!!

This summer has been CRAZY!!

I’m trying to calculate the number of bands I’ve juggled this summer – Jenn Bostic, Maggie Rose, Love and Theft, Amanda Daughtry… my brain has BARELY been able to sleep, let alone take care of my new kitty. (I am officially a cat lady, er uh, owner!)

But it’s been good, I’m glad to be taking a breather. Sort of…

I’m preparing for my fall solo tour, come October. (What is it about the fall that inspires me to get out on the road? ALONE??) I’m looking forward to seeing some parts of the country I haven’t been to in a long time, and have never played my material in. Keep an eye on my tour schedule to see if I’m going to play near you.

I hope to see you out there.

January 20, 2015 in Blog

Welcome to 2015

Happy New Year!

Wanna know how I’ve spent the new year thus far??

With a sore throat. And pink eye, for God’s sake!! Professionally the year has started off slow-as-snails for me, but I suppose I can be thankful because I’d feel sorry for whoever hired me to sing backup for them at this time. As clogged as my throat is, I can sing at least two notes at one time.

I have several dates booked for the coming months, mostly playing for other people right now. I’ll be playing several dates with Anna Haas, including her CD Release show on March 31st in Nashville at 3rd & Lindsley! The album was produced by  Grammy-winning musician/producer extraordinaire Brady Blade (, and has some heavy hittin’ singers and musicians on it (such as Ruby Amanfu and Jeff Coffin. Look ’em up!).

Around Thanksgiving I put up a new parody video on YouTube, parodying Miley Cyrus’ “We Can’t Stop”.  Since  my 2013 parody of Lorde’s “Royals” accumulated over 20,000 hits, I figured I’d go at it again!  The new vid is lingering around 7,000 views right now. I monetized it, and think I’ve earned a total of $.80… (This is not a joke, I’m serious.) Here it is:

I was on the road more than I anticipated last year – much of it on Toby Keith’s “Shut Up and Hold On Tour”, playing keys and singing backup for his daughter Krystal Keith (  The band was great, and it was a fantastic experience overall, and I hope for more it ASAP!

I truly loved being on tour solo last fall. I’m grateful to everyone who came out to the shows, housed me, fed me, bought CD’s and shirts, let me pet their kitties.. all the things today’s indie songwriter on tour needs to feel loved and appreciated. 😉

Like I said, this year is getting off to a slow start. But I’m hoping this “down” time (though it hardly feels like down time at all) allows me the opportunity to write some new songs, cook some homey meals, and arrange Billy Joel tunes for an upcoming project in the works with some fellow Mustang Sally alumni (such as Mandy Shucher née Holbert – and Sarah Wilfong –

‘Til next time –




September 14, 2014 in Blog

Solo Tour

I’m doing it..

For the first time, I’m going on my own tour. Just me, and the piano. I’m starting out small – but not really. I’ll only be on the road constantly from October 6th-October 19th, but I’m going to be hitting cities that are new to me, like Chicago and Madison. Truth be told, I decided to schedule this tour around one of my best friend’s weddings, which is happening just south of Minneapolis! So I’ll be traveling through and playing in some uncharted territory, but I’ll be cramming as many shows as I can between Nashville and Minneapolis. And back.

Unofficially, the tour starts off… in Nashville!! I’ve put together a full band show showcasing myself and two other unique piano-playing writers: Anna Haas (in whose band I’ve been playing), and Phoebe Elliot. We’ll be taking over Two Old Hippies, a store/venue making a name for itself in Nashville’s Gulch neighborhood, on Thursday September 25th.

As for the rest of the tour.. take a look at the complete schedule by clicking the “Shows” tab!!


June 18, 2014 in Blog

My friends play with Roy Orbison

One of my favorite parts of my record “Love Ourselves” is the string section on the song “I Wanna Be Loved”. I envisioned this song as a big Beatles-esque production, and wrote the parts for what I thought came closest to that vision.

My lovely lady friends Sarah Wilfong and Kristin Weber were the violin players on the record, and aside from playing on my record – they both played on (and Sarah wrote parts for) Roy Orbison’s newest song, “The Way Is Love”, released more than 25 years after his death.  It’s available on the 25th anniversary reissue of Orbison’s last album, “Mystery Girl”.

Here’s a lovely accompanying video to the tune.

May 12, 2014 in General Notices

T-Shirt Sale!! Plus, 8×10 photos now available!

Call it Spring Cleaning!

Here in Nashville, we sort of skipped spring because it’s been so cold and went right into summer. The high today is 85!

Take advantage of this sale by grabbing a 25% off, limited edition Rachel t-shirt. Also, 8×10’s just hit the store! Of course, they can be personalized upon request.


March 30, 2014 in Blog

2014 thus far…

Well!! It seems the last post on was about the store opening up. Shirts with my face on them are for SALE!! As is the record “Love Ourselves”, and right about now marks its 1 year anniversary of completion! Exactly 1 year ago we put on the CD release show at 12th Porter in Nashville to a pretty full room of hungry ears. It was a lovely experience and I’d do it again in a heartbeat. (And eventually, I will…)

2014 began slowly but has picked up speed quite nicely. I’ve been playing keys for Broadway sensation, country cross-over star Laura Bell Bundy! She STARRED in Legally Blonde in the Broadway musical.. Her gigs have been a cool variety, and we as her band enjoy each other’s company and have great musical camaraderie.

I’ve been playing various other gigs with country groups, wedding bands, etc. (When I’m asked what style of music I play, I respond, “Whoever hires.” 🙂 Well, not just whoever…) Groups like the NashVegas All-Stars, Frank Light, Anna Haas. I’ve been enjoying the patchwork of work I’ve got going on.

Lastly.. for no specific reason, in December I decided to write a parody of international teen sensation Lorde’s song “Royals”, about living and working in music in Nashville.  It was all in good fun. I accompanied the parody with a funny YouTube video, and it has garnered over 20,000 hits!! I’ve received 99% great feedback from it. And a pan from the Nashville Scene… Oh, and a 60+ minute interview with on-line music radio show, MachineFM!

Below is the vid for which I am slowly becoming infamous, locally.  The next parody is in the works, so prepare yourselves now!!

Lorde Royals parody – “Nashville”

Til next time, which is soon,